08. 07.2011

Pierre, HB9QQ 2002
in England bei uksmg

Pierre, HB9QQ 2002
in the uk, visiting uksmg

Pierre in the uk. ......

Bild Chris G4FIX





Pierre HB9QQ and Chris G4FIX

Pierre konnte seine Zuhörer stets in den Bann ziehen mit seinen Erlebnissen auf Male, Namibia oder anderswo.

Left to right: Pierre (HB9QQ), David (G4ASR), Ralph G4ALY)  and Peter (G3PHO)


Perhaps the most enjoyable part of the whole weekend was the social side. A superb dinner was held on the Saturday night. It offered the opportunity for attendees to meet each other, often for the first time. The photo on the right shows, left to right, HB9QQ, G4ASR, G4ALY and G3PHO. For the writer, the meeting with Pierre Pasteur, HB9QQ, was a special occasion as his previous contact with him was back in the late 1950’s when SWL G7268  (as G3PHO was then) heard HB9QQ on 50MHz cw and received a coveted QSL card for his listener report! Another pleasurable meeting was that between G4ALY and G3PHO. After dozens of contacts on 80m and 10GHz they finally met up in person.

Pierre wrote several adventures on the six news... (clik to enlarge pdf file)

The six news... issue 86 2005

The six news... issue 103 2010