This page will show you, how to create your own
Delta Loop antenna for "six" meters

(vertical polarised)


The base information are from the book of
Karl Rothammel Y21BK ISBN 3-440-05853-0
and the Old Man issue 07/08. August 1998 from
Pierre, HB9QQ

parts list

(this material you need to construct your Delta Loop)

5.98 meters
1 mm diameter
see picture below
75 Ohm cable with female
wire buckles
black, uv-resistant

Lenght of wire = lightspeed:by the Frequency=
300000:50.150= 5.98 meters wire
diameter 1mm2

I bought a bar of plastic in a hardware store, dimension
Masse 20mm*5mm*1000mm.

Photo Rest of the plastic

First I tried with strong leather, but this is the was the wrong material.
Plastic is better because of wet weather

Center part

This part is a self made plastic part self made.
start with a 7 cm long plastic, countersanked, so that the RG 59 and both
ends of the  wire  can be fed and connected with each other  
This center part has to be treated with special care.

Fix the both ends of the litz wire with a knot. This serves as a tension release.
Af ter all three ends have been fixed, fil lit up with a non conductive glue.

75 Ohm Cable RG 59
This cable was the most expensive cable, I ever bought.
75 hard Swiss Francs
I had to pay for this small little thing.
Detailed dimension of the RG 59 is:
Impedance: 75 Ohms (+/- 3)
Diameter 6 mm
inner conductor 1 x 0.6 mm
Reduction factor 0.66
Loss on 50 MHz: 10 dB on 100 Meter


to properly buck up the Delta Loop, I used a nylon cord of 2mm diameter,
10 meters long on each side.

300000:50.150=5.98 metres
thats means, the whole "antenna" is 5.98 metres

0.31 Lamda
1.8538 m
0.25 Lamda
1.4950 m
0.38 Lamda
2.2724 m
0.06 Lamda
0.3588 m
5.98 m
d / RG 59
5.98 / 0.66
0.987 m


Diagram Delta Loop (pdf)